Should Student Athletes Be Allowed To Engage In Sports

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If student athletes were required to maintain a definite grade standard to participate in sports, a majority of skilled athletes wouldn’t be professional. DMS students should not be required to sustain a “B” average to be permitted to engage in recreation of sports because, some students struggle academically, causes added stress, and teams will lose valuable players. In what way is it just to students who struggle in the academic field already to be forced upon a new standard? It is a known fact that not everyone has the mental and physical capacity to withhold a “B” average. Because of this it is not as achievable to maintain good grades, but easier to uphold a sport. Around 600 students from the average high school participate in school sporting events. 32% of those 600 suffer from a form of learning disability. It may seem like it is not even close to likely for 192 of your peers to have a learning disability, however disabilities come in many forms. A.D.H.D for example is one of the many disabilities which may not be seen on the exterior. It stands for, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Hence the name, this can cause an undergraduate to slack off and not be focused like a typical student. According to , “ For the child or adult with…show more content…
Presently, 60% of student athletes have at least one “C” as their average. There are approximately 15 students on the average high school sports team. Therefore with this “B” average rule in action that means only about 6 dedicated players will remain. To make the team whole, students who aren’t as talented and committed will take up more than half of the team! How is this fair? Additionally, students who already paid will be kicked to the curb and possibly lose their shot at a scholarship. In what way is it acceptable to take away one of the paramount parts of someone’s day who actually earned a spot, only to fill them in with someone who doesn’t even

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