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Emergency Preparedness Imagine being in a school or at a workplace, and being told there was an emergency situation occurring. You and your peers had never experienced this or been trained on what to do and that kind of situation, how would that feel? In any kind of disaster situation, whether natural or terrorist disaster, people need to be prepared medically, physically, mentally, and situationally. The authors of “102 Minutes”, Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn, had effective evidence that proves preparedness is very important in emergency situations. if people in towers would have known how to correctly respond to the situation, more lives would've been saved. The poor preparation for an emergency situation in the twin towers is the biggest contributing factor to the losses of lives in the 9/11 terrorist attack. Prior to 9/11 the biggest contributing factor to the large number of casualties was the lack of education/training over disasters situations. In the book there was a similar situation of being unprepared for what to do in an emergency situation. In the North tower emergency responders were taking care of the elevator, trying to get everyone…show more content…
The role of the hospital in disaster preparedness has clearly been expanded. “With the inadequate funding available to most hospitals began to focus on community involvement, hospital staff education, information technology and disease surveillance improvement, and additional equipment and staff acquisition”(Yan YE). Hospitals should also make bioterrorism preparedness planning a regional effort. Victims of bioterrorism attacks are going to go to hospital emergency rooms. Therefore, emergency room staff need to be better educated and trained to recognize the signs

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