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The Diesel Engines has evolved from the very first one made in the 1800's. Diesel Engines are one of the main sources of transportation in the world; throughout this paper I will explain the history of the compression engine, how the power of the compression engine has evolved from the 1800's to now, how Diesel fuel is made and also how the advancement of diesel fuel has bettered the diesel engine. The turbo was invented and was put in the first diesel in 1938; this is also how we got the term turbo diesel. The turbo gave the engine more horsepower for the first diesel invented and has created better engines performance. The conclusion I will explain how the upgrades for the diesel engine such as horsepower, durability, towing power, chips,…show more content…
When Rudolf Diesel produced the compression engine it had no power to do anything. The engine had around 20Hp because it was one cylindered,4 stroke, water cooled,air injected fuel. For an engine that was so tall and big it had no power. There was a lot of fuel being used to power this engine and keep it running. There was anissue in his engine that had to be worked on. He had tested the engine a very long time,Worked together with other people in his quest to make the best engine out there for the people that believed in him. Now, that technology and other things have been invented there have been a very big change in the diesel industry. There have been so many new things that have been produced. Now, the diesel engine that we produced straight from the factory has 440 hp and that's a 6.7 Ford Power stoke, the 6.7 Dodge Cummins has 385 hp and this is all from the factory production line. Thediesel fuel has made the diesel engine and the diesel production better is because there has been so many things that the world has invented to make less fuel miles and also can make you go through more fuel or less fuel. Diesel fuel is a bi produced of gas. The primary use of diesel fuel is in diesel engines. The invention of the diesel engine is credited to Rudolph Diesel, who filed the first diesel engine patent in 1892. His use of peanut oil (rather than a petroleum product) to fuel an engine--demonstrated at the 1889 exhibition fair in…show more content…
The turbo has so many components that make it work the way it does. In a turbo there is a lot that makes one up, because they’re pretty much too parts to make one. There is a turbine housing and a compressor housing that make up the turbo. The thing that makes the turbo whine up is the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel. This is how it works when you start your truck; the hot air from the engine goes into the turbine wheel to reach the compressor wheel and it compresses the hot air and becomes cool. The cool air goes through the air cooler which cools it off even more and then returns the cool air to the engine to repeat the process but also at the same time it goes through the turbo and come out the exhaust. There’s also a thing called twin turbo’s and compound turbo’s. This is where they have evolved from the early turbo’s that were small and single turbo’s. Twin turbo’s work together in the way that the compressed air is pushed from each turbo and used in each cylinder that are connected to a common intake manifold. Therefore, it's using two turbos to make power. So it could be said that two turbo’s is better than one. It gives the engine more horse power then it should but at the same time that’s what the engine is build for. The only truck that has come in a twin turboed is that from the factory. This truck is a 6.4 Ford power stroke, but there are many trucks out there that are twin turboed fro racing and many other things.

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