The Importance Of Face To Face Communication

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Did you know that the average kid spends around 7.5 hours on electronics a day? That adds up to 2737.5 hours a year! Parents should limit kids on the amount of time that they spend on electronics so that they can spend more time talking in person which helps build your social skills. Face to face communication is clearly better than electronic communication and parents should have a set time that kids can be on their electronics each day. I think that face to face communication is better because you will experience more emotion, reactions, and less misunderstandings. With electronics on the rise most people aren’t talking face to face anymore they are using their messaging app or talking over the phone which does not allow them to get the proper emotions and reactions. Studies from show that “10 percent of communication is what is said 20 percent is what we hear and 70 percent of what we see,” (Tom Smith). In other words, if we are not talking face to face you will not always understand what the other person is saying which may cause you to take something…show more content…
Children 8-18 spend more than seven and a half hours on their devices each day. According to “Those between the ages of 18 and 24 look at their phones most often, with an average of 74 checks per day.” (Lisa Eadicicco). Basically these children are taking up over half of their day to be on their phone instead of talking and socializing with their friends. Children’s access to electronic devices has increased fivefold in two years. According to “children are on a type of screen all day weather they are at restaurants, on vacation, laying in bed, or in cars,” (Jespersen). In other words, kids are constantly on their devices no matter where they go. Those are just some reasons why face to face communication will help improve your social
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