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My Grandfather is a retired civil engineer. His passion for his work had a great deal to do with my interest in the discipline of civil engineering. As an only child, I spent much of my time as a young boy finding ways to entertain myself. My creativity expanded rapidly because of this, often spending hours producing structures with Lego and building earthen dams in our backyard. Educated at an international school, I was exposed to diverse topics that dispelled many of the myths and mysteries of engineering from my childhood, but not all. I was particularly drawn to problem solving in the fields of science and mathematics, achieving 88% and 91% class-high marks respectively. My curiosity and passion for understanding the behaviours of structures and materials only grew stronger, which convinced me to opt for Civil Engineering for further study. I successfully secured admission into Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, an institution renowned for its civil engineering department and one of the most prestigious engineering colleges in India. The admission process to this college is extremely competitive, however I passed the engineering entrance exam with aplomb. Indeed, I…show more content…
In my opinion, soil engineering is the cornerstone of civil engineering as every structure, road or rail needs a soil of plausible supporting capacity for a structure to stand. Geotechnical Engineering sits at the intersection of academic fields I find most exciting, interesting, and practically satisfying. I have worked diligently these past four years to sharpen my understanding across engineering, mathematics and physics, which in turn has enabled me to perform to a higher standard as a budding geotechnical engineer. This field has fascinated me due to the fact that unlike steel or concrete, behaviour of soil is difficult to predict. I find this both challenging and rewarding to

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