Proverbs 13 Thesis

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The Book of Proverbs teaches on wisdom, tradition, and raises questions of values, moral behavior. As Christian one must accept His instruction and apply it to their lives and then they will see the benefits of His instruction. In reading Proverbs 13, God tells that one should take heed and follow the direction that is given. How one responds, the consequences and how it affects the world in which they live in is the question that is being asked. Believers should accept what is being told to them in a cheerful manner, to listen with intent and then to go forth with diligence. The way to respond to God’s word is by being faithful, obedient, and successful; this is what the message of Proverbs 13 teaches. Because God is so faithful that…show more content…
Man is living in a time where God’s instructions are no longer taught. Generations of believers are losing the battle to a younger, selfish group that values nothing and no one. Life to them is limited to the Natural only, “If they want, then take it”. They don’t understand that life is filled with consequences that follow you. Another pattern is the surge of abuse and the torture of women across the board. The lack of respect for Gods will for the family is being tested daily. Men are not standing in honor of the place that God has given them. They are called to be the head of the family and they are not taking on this responsibility. Women are being raped, enslaved, mistreated and cast aside in this world. This horrific behavior is then passed on to the children. The breakdown of the roles and the dynamics of both men and women have changed how the family is portrayed in today’s world. Now we see women are killing and abusing their own children than ever before. Romans 1:18-19: “18 God shows his anger from heaven against all the evil and wrong things that people do. Their evil lives hide the truth they have. 19 This makes God angry because they have been shown what he is like. Yes, God has made it clear to them.” God’s plan is the same since the beginning, nothing has

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