Cyber Bullying Speech

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“Lead us not into temptation... A bright-eyed, idealistic 7-year-old stepped into a Catholic School. The first words preached by the principal were, “Welcome. When you enrol here, there are expectations. Be kind. Forgive like Jesus would. And, always give out second chances.” Four years later, the 11-year-old whispers back, “But, where was mine when I needed it most?” There are and always will be second chances, just not for me. They tried to change me, making sure I believed every word of the Creed, joined the congregation, kissed the floor they walked on. They prided over the pliant, demure and righteous students. I was the statistical outlier - remiss, vulgar, distasteful. So they warned, “Keep to yourself. It’s better (for everyone)…show more content…
We consider this incident to be cyber-bullying. We will need to meet with you and your husband, to discuss what...options she has left.” So there, the leader, the role model, the perfect fit for the perfect Catholic school mold. Instantly, it had crumbled. Stripped off leadership positions, isolated by the entire community, disgraced by the family. When the very values that had sworn to save me, turned their back against me, loneliness was my only friend. The House of Cards, built on precision, order and Right Decisions, had collapsed, with me inside. Teachers and students alike were orbiting grievers. Being at the epicentre, I was granted with a sort of awareness - of the fearful, partially outstretched hands of friends, the empty looks of pity and apathetic murmurs. To them, I was a disgrace; an experiment, ready to be scrutinised. So, Loneliness had swallowed me…show more content…
My perceptions had been so collapsed, that it was only possible for me to have one choice: Suicide. The thought, and the actions in suit, had granted me complete control over my entire life. When I was drowning in the vast ocean like this, all the time, it is a distant, unfamiliar but oddly satisfying feeling of having agency over my life, for a change. Suicide was a bitter pill to swallow but I was convinced that it would cure me of Loneliness and

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