Lack Of Communication In The Film The Six Sense

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The six sense is a film which tells the story of a child Psychologist called Malcolm who takes on the job to help a terrified child called Cole who visions ghosts. This film explores the supernatural from a humanized perspective and it is a story of how a young boy struggles to cope with his extra sense. Throughout watching this film I came across many challenging and honest real life situations which relate immensely to our society today. I think the theme of communication is important as it is the process of understanding and sharing meaning which lacked in this story. This film reminds me of my life as small things in life can impact others excessively. Some important themes in this film include lack of commination, courage and the meaning…show more content…
Cole was under pressure to communicate with ghosts and thought he had the responsibility to kept it a secret. This film explores ideas which are important to humanity as today there are a variety of ways to communicate. These include Facebook, text messages, Snapchat and many more. This film makes me think about how the way we connect with each other has killed the ability to have face-to-face conversations. In this film communication was not used in useful and effective way which led Cole feel pressured to speak out when he wasn’t comfortable. If Cole had been outspoken and showed oral communication his friends and family would have been able to help him. An example that represents the lack of communication is when Cole’s Mum inquires him about her Mum’s bumble bee pendant and how it went missing. Cole knew how it was displaced and Cole's mother said "Did you take the bumble bee pendant?" Cole replied "No" Cole’s mother didn’t understand how this could happen, and that was because there wasn’t good communication between the two characters. This really makes me indignant because if Cole communicated with his peers he would have been more understandable and felt not so vulnerable. This is why it is so important to communicate as this text affected me as a male as I now know the importance of communication and how crucial it can be to someone’s

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