Disadvantages Of Email Communication

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Email – transformed the way that people communicate in the business world. It is a commonly preferred method of communication in the workplace because people can send mass messages at one time. The reason why email is effective is a more personal type of conversation. By structuring am email to a customer that is designed to evoke a positive response, also can be effective tool at letting customers know about sales and other information. Advantages of using email to communicate with customer: • Emailing enhances efficiently because it is quick to respond to. • Can include attachments that are essential to the subject being discussed in the email conversation. • Email system can transmit other types of information as well as sample text to…show more content…
• Make clear the extent and type of private use that is allowed. • Explain why company monitors emails • Outline how the policy is enforced and the consequences of breach the policy. • Inform of the extent to which information about the internet access and emails is retained in the system and for how long. This helps prevent timewasting, protect data security and minimises the risk of legal problems. One of the verbal method of communication with customers is face to face. Face to face – this is good for exchanging views, generating new ideas, spreading information quickly through the organisation and encouraging co-operation. It is used to share or give information that will affect a customer. Also most customers prefer this method because is more effective. Advantages of this method: • If there is any issue that requires a decision person is able to reach a consensus more quickly. • Open two way of communication • Allows for immediate response to questions, misinterpretation, and feedback. • See the body language Disadvantages of face to face method: • If employee do not have a good interpersonal skills then cannot communicate
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