Environmentally Friendly Policy Essay

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1. Introduction Nowadays, “Green” this word is very popular in our daily life. People always use “green” to be a fashion word. Everything will to be “Green”. But why we need to be “Green”, I think the only reason is our earth is dying, people don’t care what is green. So now people need to more care about the world. People have many different thing to do the “Green”, for example recycle, reduce, reuse, and refuse sorting etc. Those example can make a better place, have a better world. 2. The importance of adopting environmentally friendly policies About the environmentally friendly in hotel, the most waste department will be housekeeping. Below will talk about the importance of adopting environmentally friendly policies. First of all,…show more content…
For example, need to put placard in bathroom and the television table. Hotel need to tell the staff how adopting the environmentally friendly policies, if hotel don’t have the good communication with staff, the staff will not understand what is the hotel preparing for this policies. 3.1.3 Purchasing Purchasing is the most important thing in the policies, here will talk about how to purchasing to adopting environmentally friendly policies. First, purchasing thing need to buy it in the right moment, it not buys the thing you need in the right moment, it will be waste those thing. Next, think about the thing can it put it on the other way to use it. This can not to waste more thing as we can. Then, think about how durability of the thing you buy. If the thing we buy is not durability, buy it again for a few weeks or mouth it will waste much more we think. Lastly, can purchasing some environmental bathing product. Those environmental bathing product can buy it in some shop is made their own soap or the others, for example handmade soap. Hotel can huge order the bathing product. This environmental product is natural and non-chemical

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