Importance Of Energy In Building Sector

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Buildings sector accounts for over one third of country’s total electricity consumption. Energy consumption in building industry is mainly dependent on the typology of construction, consumption pattern, the climatic conditions and the energy intensive devices used in the buildings. Different ways of end use of energy in buildings, viz., lighting, space conditioning, plug-in loads and other appliances all together constitute the overall energy consumption of a building. Energy consumption is not only determined by the type of the energy end use appliances but also by the energy efficiency of these appliances. Building material and design also have a significant impact on the energy consumption measure. Also, the overall energy utilisation of…show more content…
Biomass is the main constituent of the total fuel composition used in this sector. The commercial and institutional sector largely use oil & natural gas more than conventional electricity for meeting the power demands. 139.51 million tons of CO2 emission was estimated from residential & commercial/institution sector in the year 2007 [6]. The IPCC Fourth report also emphasises the need of taking suitable measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions arising from the building sector. According to its relative analysis of energy savings potential in building sector and other economic sectors, it can be noted that the building sector has a very potential as compared to other sectors at all cost measure. Due to high growth tae in construction sector, the above conclusion holds true for India as well. The presented analysis is thus a reformation step in the direction to figure out a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from buildings sector. Fig 1.4: Shares of Green house gas…show more content…
Bottlenecks restricting the spread of energy efficient measures remain, such as the non-availability of key energy efficient products, the lack of reliable information about the energy performance of products and the lack of awareness by end-users of the potential for energy efficient solutions in housing. To validate energy awareness in India, Doleschal carried out a survey in five metropolitan cities of India and discovered that the educated higher middle class in India was perturbed by air pollution and realised the importance of living in energy-efficient buildings. Approximately 1000 people from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai, belonging to the well-educated middle class based on their aptitude for energy issues were interrogated for the study. A relationship between financial earnings and the willingness to spend for energy-efficient buildingwas founds . Even though around two-third of the total people surveyed, who did not know the exact energy consumption of their homes, they were ready to spend to achieve energy efficiency measures. A large breach was found between user awareness and knowledge of energy

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