The Importance Of E-Government Adoption

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ICT is a key element of reform efforts that can help dramatically reshape government to improve performance and reduce costs. The current society had a phenomenal transformation due to the advance of Internet.It has opened a new medium of communication for individuals, business, and government organization, providing more opportunities to communicate and get information in an entirely new way.In the past, government organizations paid little attention to service quality or responsiveness to clients, but this changed with the approach of E-Government. E-governmentE-Government improves the efficiency and effectiveness all government operations, with citizens, as well as with other organizations. Definition of E-government adoption Warkentin et…show more content…
 At the outset, adoption is a simple decision of using, or not using, online services. The next stage of adoption would be how frequently services are actually used.  The other dimensions include preference of the government website over other websites and preference of the online medium over other mediums of transactions with government.  For example, when looking for information about government services, do citizens initiate their search from the government website or is it the last in priority in terms of online search? Do citizens prefer to go to the government website to interact with the government, or do they prefer to do that by telephone or by an in-person visit? All of these dimensions mentioned above make up the E-government adoption E-government adoption process : The main purposes of e-government adoption is to automate business processes and integrates IT infrastructures in public sector organisations . Initially, e-Government may seem like another option for communication with citizens. But in the face of rising demands from demographic, economic, social, and global trends, e-Government no longer appears to be a matter of choice, but a necessity for any country wishing to enter the 21st…show more content…
in 2003 .As a model based on eight previous adoption models, which were being used to study about the users’ adoption and acceptance of new innovations. The most important factors from the models were chosen to present another model which can be seen as a new version of TAM which is more comprehensive .The model is used to explain user intention to use an information system. Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) The Diffusion of Innovations (DOI) theory was proposed and developed by a sociologist to describe how an innovation diffuses through a society .This theory is popular, and it has been used widely to explain the adoption of IT innovations in an organization or society. The rate of diffusion of innovation is affected by five attributes, which are: Relative Advantage, Compatibility (COM) “the degree to which an innovation is perceived as consistent with the existing values, past experiences, and needs of potential adopter” Complexity, Trialability, and Observability . Trustworthiness: Trustworthiness is “the perception of confidence in the electronic marketer’s reliability and integrity”

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