How Does Technology Affect Job Performance

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TECHNOLOGY ACCEPTANCE FACTORS AND JOB PERFORMANCE AMONG EMPLOYEES IN GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Numerous governments have invested huge amounts of money and manpower to implement various technologies and information systems such as e-Government services. However, some individuals have no intention of using them. Lack of user acceptance and adoption of new technologies among employees in government organizations has long been an impediment to its implementation success. Brown and Brudney (2001,p.1) define Electronic Government (e-Government) as the use of technology, especially Web-based applications, to enhance access to and efficiently deliver government information and services. They categorize e-Government efforts…show more content…
The process of change is a phenomenon that takes place in organizations large and small. The changes in competition, technology, and the ongoing development and evolution of organizations are just some of the issues contributing to organizational change (Barnett, 2005; Morgan, 2001). It is also essential to an organization’s survival as it leads to new ideas, technology, innovation and improvement. The rapid growth in the use of information systems has led to changes in the workflow of both the private and public sectors in Malaysia (Ramlah, Nor Shahriza & Mohd Hasan, 2007). The organization and its people must break old habits and develop new behaviors and processes that could make them more effective and efficient. As such, organizations invest in technology with the expectation that it will contribute to performance, and members of the organization must use technology for it to make a contribution. However, according to Gallivan (2004), not all employees can cope with rapid changes of new technology in organization and it is feared that such behavior can influence job…show more content…
Due to this factor, the researcher believes that it is imperative to understand the effect of technological changes on job performance among the employees. The job performance of the respondents in this study was measured through their communication skills and technical skills (Goldstein, 1988). Since research has proven that employees’ job performance is linked to the performance of an organization, it is of importance to both the organization as well as the employees to keep track of their performances in order to ensure that the objectives of the organization are met. In this study, the Technology Acceptance Model (Davis, 1989) with the two major characteristics of perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness was used as a basis to determine the relationship between the acceptance of technological changes and job performance among the employees in the government organizations. It is hoped that the findings of this study can be used to improve the job performance through better understanding on the issues of acceptance of technological changes and how these issues affect the overall performance of the

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