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Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai M.A Elementary Education (2014-2016) Assignment-2 Read Nazima's writing on ghettoisation in Delhi. What linkages do you see with the Sachar committee report? Subject:-pedagogy of social studies. Guided by:-Prof. Yemuna sunny Prepared By: - Veji Chavda Enrolment no:-M2014EE032 Introduction: -In this assignment we mainly focus on economic, political, education and social condition of Muslim in old Delhi area after reading article by Nazima Praveen understanding Muslim ghettos: an introduction. What are the important linkages we find from the chapter to Sachar Committee report? In the article, author mainly talks about life of Muslim Community in old Delhi area. It talks mainly about the…show more content…
The feeling of insecurity among Muslims is high, especially in communally sensitive states and among women. The discriminatory attitude of the police and others compounds this feeling; ghettoization is a result of insecurity and discrimination in housing, schools and jobs. Insecurity adversely affects mobility, especially of women, leading to situations wherein Muslims are not able to fully exploit economic opportunities. Image of Muslims: - In the article Muslim locality portrayed as polluted place. This localities describe as ‘criminal areas’ where anti-nationalist, criminals and underworld dons run a parallel government- a ‘mini Pakistan’ in India. In sachar committee report also mention the identity related issue faced by Muslims. Muslim carries a double burden of being labelled as “anti-nationalist” and being appeased at the same time. The fact that the so-called appeasement has not resulted in any benefits is ignored. Identity markers often lead to suspicion and discrimination by people and institutions. Employment profile of…show more content…
In the article Nazima describe about the life of urban Muslim in old Delhi. From this we became aware about socio-economic and political conditions of Muslim in old Delhi area. When we read article by Nazima we became aware about the life of Indian Muslims. The Sachar committee report is also important report on socio-economic and educational condition of Muslim community in India. From the article we get important information about Muslims like, living condition, basic facilities, employment and educational profile, image of Muslim and the language spoken by the people of that area. The Sachar committee report also talking about the all this

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