Technology Impact On Teenagers

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Introduction- What is technology? Technology is a study or use of the mechanical arts and applied sciences according to the Oxford Dictionary. In our opinion, technology is somewhat that overhauled the current competitive world, where we can see everyone accessing mobile phones, laptops, computers and upgraded gadgets in public places, work places and even learning institutions. Modern technologies are replacing human determinations, strengths and their actions. For example, in 1982, the “Times Magazine” published a computer’s image as their cover page of the year instead of personality’s photographs. This clearly shows that we are evidently be influenced by technologies or the gadgets assign to it. As of early 20th century, technologies were used as part of business, marketing, movie industry and work related purpose. Nonetheless, by way of time phases, technologies allow people create, share…show more content…
Even we among friends, use to share news and issues from Facebook as part of daily discussion. Facebook unquestionably and undoubtedly, a unique and appealing name that covers up all the fellow students of Mark Zuckerberg. However, everything changed as of 2006, because any person who is at least 13 years old was allowed being registered user of the website. As we know, Facebook is a powerful and leading social networking service that influence teenagers in all means where they get to know all current news feeds, politics issues, and updates from all over the world. Facebook provides many new systems to reaching others, starting from notes, chat, virtual gifts, marketplace, messaging, voice calls, video calling, and video viewing. They offer the best as time changes rendering to the technology development. Facebook is also the dangerous social networking where. Therefore, exposure to Facebook leads teenagers in to many unfavorable conditions such as addiction, anti-social, narcissism, loss of productivity and time

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