The Importance Of Digital Age In The Book Industry

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In the era of globalization, digital age play a very important role in the book industry in Malaysia.Nowadays, many people feel lazy to read a book due to the reason the lazy to carry the book go everywhere. But, when internet source occurs in our society. It’s totally change the view of the book from the people. The internet has exactly effect the book distribution system.Normally, the book will go through to the customer after those important processes, it is the publisher will send the content written by a writer to the wholesales. Afterthat, the book will be send to the retail outlet where consumers can buy them (Joseph R.Dominick, 2013).However,the publisher can straight sells their book to the customer by go through the internet. The publisher can decrease the cost of production of a book and earn more benefit because they skip those important ways to sell their…show more content…
For example, Susan (not her real name) is not a full-time writer, writing has always been her passion. She started writing for magazines and newspapers when she was 23 and worked hard at her fiction. By 2005, she had already written four novels, one of which was published locally and quite successfully(Now everyone can publish, 2012).This is a very good evidence to prove everyone of us can be the author and publish whatever what we want to publish via the social media. When the content that you publish in the social media is attracted, the people who read your content will share it out to more people to lets other people know about the content that publish by you. This is a advantage for the social media, your content get promote and share by other people without any

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