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Music has always been a way of expression in any culture. It is the way that music can convey meaning behind lyric and sound. Rock and roll was no exception to this idea. The social and even political issues of the past century helped develop the style into what it is today. Musical greats like Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles offered important roles to the development of rock and roll. They not only influenced styles, but also the way that things were done. Rock and roll music’s development could not have happened without the social and political conflicts of the last century, musical pioneers, and technology as a whole. Development of rock and roll began late in the 1800’s as a work song for slaves on plantations. This was an early…show more content…
Many began forming groups that had members whom coincided with their own cultural beliefs. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like how kids in high school pick which groups to socialize with; usually there are things in common between the group members. In the 1970’s, these groups would go to parties or large hangouts and display some of their “moves,” which became customary. This was through dancing, graffiti, or even spinning records. It ultimately was a way of self-expression for the African American and Hispanic populations. That self-expression would be the foundation for the development of another variation of rock and roll known as rap music. To be exact, the Bronx was a prime start point for this expression because of crime, loss of city service, slumlords, waste dumps, and extreme poverty. (Larson 243). All of these problems were expressed and coped with through the development of rap music. Even influential figures on the world’s stage influenced the rhythmic lines that rap was known for, such as Muhammad Ali. One such line was “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” (Larson 244). The youth saw these people throwing out some of these rhythmic lines and began using that as inspiration to create their own. As rap music began to evolve, some groups began pushing the envelope. One such was…show more content…
This was a necessary to promote exposure and overall development. One of the most important components of early technology was the radio. This single handedly changed music in America and the world forever. The radio provided musicians with the opportunity to get their music to center stage of America. In fact, the idea of the Top 40 playlist by Todd Storz came about because of the radio (Larson 11). This idea was huge for the music industry because it allowed for the listener to hear popular songs. These songs stayed on the station, so future artists saw what format was being liked by the listeners and thus took note on how to further push the boundaries of rock and roll. An example of this was the radio allowed for the convergence of musical styles jazz and blues into R&B. It wasn’t until the 1980’s and on that the music industry reached the digital age. The television created a channel known as MTV, which was purely music based (Larson 278). It essentially put music and music videos right in front of the viewer, not just via the radio. MTV started on only 300 cable TV systems, but grew in just two years to over 2,000 (Rock Music Timeline). A company called Apple then introduced the iTunes Music store with their products, a database completely online (Larson 322). This put songs and albums at the fingertips of every person in America by allowing them to buy music right from the

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