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Which factors in the marketing strategy of Apple would improve future sales of the “Apple Watch”? Recently the popular firm Apple has developed a new product. Thanks to the technology development that everybody has recently witnessed Apple has been able to create a smaller, easier to manoeuver, more accessible, but sort of obsolete at the same time gadget; The Apple Watch. The technological developments that Apple has developed will, with no room for doubt meet the market expectations and needs of the customers. One of these developments is the new “force touch” technology where your watch will react depending on the pressure you place on the screen with you finger. This technology was also adapted to the latest version of the IPhone smartphone.…show more content…
Reviews have been written where Apple customers argue about simple details regarding the new gadget little but meaningful like the length of the cable as well as the material of the wristband, among some others. A businessman called Dave Smith stated both of these arguments in a public network: “Business Insider” and he suggest Apple to “give the customers less reasons to take it (The Apple watch) off”. The development of the Apple watch according to the same firm was to meet the same needs that they have been meeting since the popularity of the social networks rose but now more efficiently or practically by giving the customer the chance to have all these social and business needs and relations “ON” them instead of carrying it in their tablet, phone or computer. Applying the SWOT analysis its evident that many strengths of the Apple watch have to do with the technological advances that it has, nevertheless this is not the only product to which Apple is applying this technological advance, as it was stated before, the new Iphone 6 has the “force touch” technology already installed not to mention that every single function of the Apple Watch can be done through the

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