The Importance Of Communication In Education

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Very often in our lives we have to make decisions about changing our lives, moving to new places and starting a new life. Such decisions influence children more than adults. Usually it is more difficult for a child to get used to a new surrounding, new people and new school. Communication is the essential part of our lives and due to this people can express their thoughts and ideas, share interests and get new information and experience. Due to some reasons it may be difficult for people to conduct communication in new surrounding and society, especially when it’s a foreign language society. Usually children feel uncomfortable and discouraged to speak in a foreign language as they are afraid of making mistakes and being laughed at because of that. This problem greatly influences kids’ lives as being unable to talk to others means being lack of communication which is so important in our lives. Without talking to other people there is no opportunity to find new friends, find out new information and to be a part of the society in general. In such situations kids need additional help and it may be provided by a teacher. The teacher should encourage newly appeared children…show more content…
This activity is related to the Constructivism theory as it presupposes the existence of personal background on which the knowledge is built; - for teaching speaking such activity as role play based on the non-fiction text may be used. Pupils need to use language practically and this way they will attain their language knowledge from actual using, which is the characteristic of Interactionist theory which is believed to be one of the most prominent for studying a language
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