Importance Of Communication Skills In Business

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The importance of communication skills in education and Business Intro Content Conclusion Recommendation Reference Content 2.1 What is a Communication skill? Human or every living being was born to have the ability to hear and talk. The communication word is originally derived from the Latin words “communicare”, meaning “to make common” (Weekley, 1967) or “to share.” (Harper, 2013) Communication is an essential in between people to exchange their thoughts or to connect with themselves. However, if we communication with people is important, but without an effective communication skills, we might misinterpreting or misunderstood the message we want to convey and receive. Whether in education or business, we need communication skills in order…show more content…
In the aspect of the teachers, they often do some mistakes in making the communication between them and student weaker. Dr Robert (Ramsey, 2008) had points out a few commonly mistakes of the teachers for examples, abusing jargons during teach. Yes, teachers are highly educated, they know how to use fancy and complicated word to enhance sentences, but not for the students. Students will only get confused of the terms. When a teacher being too formal and talk like a text-book, it will just get everyone attention off. Text-book is the theory form, if a teacher talk like it there is no interest at all even worse than a robot. The presence of grammatical or spelling error when teacher is giving out speech or memo, students will pay attention. The attention is not on the content but the mistakes. Nothing kills credibility faster than simple mechanical mistakes. People will notices it and remember. They will not focus on the message and will not receive the…show more content…
Educators tend to add up a lot of other stuffs instead of straight to the points. Too much information is as bad as too little. For example: when a student wants to know what is definition of A, but the teacher explain the history and how A is formed. But, at the end, the student just wants the simple definition. There is a lot of slang that students or teens often use in daily life or even the internet. Teachers might want to get close with student, so they use slang language with students. Slang language changes rapidly and over period of times, its might not using in the society any more or it will just look foolish when one’s trying to use. Educators often have greater standard of vocabulary and a command of specialized terms. Therefore, some educators might want to show off their vocabulary by using the skill and superior knowledge to let the students know their status as an authority figure. However, this is wrong. Using complicate words will only makes the listeners less interest to the message. Regardless of the status, using familiar and recognizable words is the best way to guarantee better

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