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Rose, M. (2015). Blue-Collar Brilliance. In They Say / I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (Third ed., pp. 272-283). New York: W.W. Norton. The author tells that people belonging to any working class should have good cognitive intelligence. The article outlines three major arguments for this: verbal communication happens in any work and learning occurs through these verbal communications; theory knowledge is different but hands-on experience gives more powerful knowledge; people who do physical work should not be considered to be of lesser intelligence. Rose has seen her mother work as a waitress and has understood the difficulties faced by her. This makes her biased towards the physical workers. It is true that physical workers…show more content…
(2015). Bowie State University Commencement Speech. In They Say / I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing (Third ed., pp. 285-295). New York: W.W. Norton The author tells about pains taken by black people for getting educated and the need of education. The article outlines three major arguments: black people should not stay away from education; value of education should be understood; more black people should dedicate time & effort in completing their education well. The article then discusses solutions to those issues. Solutions are biased as they talk only about black people and their need of getting educated. These solutions are applicable to any community and should not be restricted to motivating a particular group. Messages offered through the author can be used in an essay for motivating people to get educated and to impart knowledge on need of getting educated. I found that Michelle Obama’s message is a powerful one for uplifting the thoughts of black people on education. This article is helpful in understanding great miseries undergone by black people for getting educated. I can use this information for writing an essay about the struggle and hunger of black people for education. The essay will help many people in understanding the importance of education and how people who know its real value struggles for getting educated even in worse
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