Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Introduction (150) Everyday individuals are faced with numerous decision-making process to solve problems that arise in the organization. Critical thinking is a vital skill in a person as it helps in making effective decisions. For a person to become an effective critical thinker, they must be able to determine the issue, create provoking questions, invent new results, and have good listening skill. Therefore, critical thinking entails an evaluation of resources like data, facts, observable fundamentals, and findings. Significantly, it involves analysis of structures such as purpose, problem, or questions at hand and eventually determining possible solutions while giving the recommendation for the problem. This enables people to understand…show more content…
According to several studies, some of the common causes of organizational conflicts are associated with personality or style differences and individual issues like drug abuse, childcare matters, and family problems. Moreover, other factors such as leadership, management, budget, and differences concerning fundamental company values can also initiate conflicts. Examples of leading causes of workplace disputes include poor communication, differences in individual values, differing interests, rare materials, personality rivalry, and low job performance. Similarly, enterprise wrangles at interpersonal status comprise disagreement among peers as well as supervisor and subordinate staff conflict. Therefore, there exist a fundamental discord between those in authority and arrangement of formal organization and people’s personality. A human character cannot be detached from the culture and beliefs that surround them as it plays a significant role in determining a person…show more content…
Besides, if the duties to be done in groups are not openly stated by management and if objectives are not clearly defined it will automatically lead to disputes between the staffs. Also, factors like sharing of resources like human resources, money materials, apparatus, and space of work in the departments create misunderstandings. Interdependent significantly enhance disagreement since it transpires when two or more units rely upon each other to complete an assignment especially when a merchandise has to pass various stages as one section might finish its work on time while the other may derail the whole process. Therefore, management can blame all the departments involved in each function that finally leads to conflict among the groups. Consequently, incompatible personalities that are psychological can impact employees not to interact with one another easily and this difficulty can cause disputes in the organization resulting from formal socialization between staffs. Conflicts typically occur in three basic forms such as task conflict, interpersonal feuds, and procedural disputes. Remarkably, task conflict can be industrious as it facilitates growth of quality decisions and critical thinking processes among the management. The interpersonal

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