The Importance Of Communication In Business

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During the last decade the boom of the Internet has created new possibilities for communication, in addition, other technological developments, in which companies have to rethink their means for selling and communicating with consumers. Human beings are social animals. Communication has always been crucial in our lives, and we have always looked up for easier ways to communicate. This is mainly the first reason why Internet was created in 1958. Individuals have felt the need to exponentially communicate. Nowadays, consumers are taking parts in a variety of activities, from consuming content, to sharing experiences, opinions, knowledge, and being involved in discussions with other consumers online (K. Heinonen, 2011). With the apparition of…show more content…
As the communication tools are changing and evolving with technology, restaurants need to re-create their personality and branding through various channels, and mainly nowadays across the Internet. Smartphones, social media, and the overall Internet has brought a massive change in this industry; now consumers ask “What’s near me? Where can I go? “. Traditional prints, email marketing is now being replaced by social media “It is one of the preferred means of engaging with the customers and promoting special events” says P. Vincent from TripAdvisor. Customers nowadays want to go to restaurants where they feel they have a connection with. A TripAdvisor research held in 2012 has shown that when a manager responds, brand perception is improved. While communicating online, a restaurant can target a larger audience and more diversified panel of customers. But, on the other hand, users have access to a bigger choice of restaurants and all the information regarding a business, from the opinions, to the menu and the Internet rankings. Word of Mouth (or WOM) has thus become a crucial trigger in the decision making process. Several studies, that we will discuss later on, have explored the wideness of the word of mouth online and offline, since it is one of the main influences of the decision
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