Importance Of Technology On Communication In The Workplace

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A discussion on the importance of technology on communication in the workplace Communication means more than just the passing of information from one person to another. As the years have progressed on communication has become less costly and more efficient compared to the early days were technology wasn’t advance, but with the introduction of new means of communication around the globe such as Cell phones, computers and the internet, people are now able to communicate more faster and more efficiently with anyone were ever that person may be situated in the world. The workplace however relays greatly on communication for its growth, as the more efficiently the information flows within the organization the more the organization can achieve more…show more content…
The company should also make it clear that employees are only allowed to use technology in ways that may benefit the company as technology can also serve as a form of distraction to employees as the advancement in technology has caused an increase in the usage of social media these days especially among the youth. However the business can also use various other forms to communicate such as verbal and written which can both be internal and external in the business (Lorette, 2017), but with this forms of communications they have high barriers to effective communication that may prevent efficient communication among employees and may require constant feedback from the receiver to notify the sender that the communication process has been successful as its usually a “one to many” type of communication in business and its mostly hard to figure out whether the people receiving the information have understood the information being…show more content…
The role of good business communication is to reduce or greatly eliminate the dissonance that occurs when a person is communicating with one other person or, more commonly with many others (Nelson, 2017). Good business communication enables the business to keep up to date with the happenings in the market as customers feel free to make suggestions and make recommendations to the business as Your customers' requirements are likely to change over time, and the ability to communicate with them helps you adapt to their changing needs (Joseph, 2017).Good communication also enables the business to communicate its company policy to the customers, this allows the customer to know how the business operates and its core values. Therefore the business should formulate and have a clear plan regarding the implementation of essential technological equipment that should be brought into the business to help improve the flow of communication within the business and to external sources. The business should however make it clear what they want the employees to achieve with the equipment in terms of communication and achieving the business goals and objectives as the business will be looking to regain the money it has or will be investing in

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