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CULTURE AND RELIGION Ability to adapt to the cultural differences is imperative for long term success of a business in a foreign country. The culture in UAE is based on the values of family and religion. The main religion followed in UAE is Islam but it also draws from the values of Bedouin. One of the major influences of Bedouin on shaping the culture of UAE has been on the leadership style and hierarchy. Most of the businesses follow a top-down hierarchy structure with one person taking most of the important decisions. This structure is consistent with that of the Bedouin style where the sheikh is the leader and is responsible for taking all the important decisions. To conduct business in UAE, it is important to respect the position and…show more content…
For example, in 2011, to celebrate UAE national day, Puma introduced a new show in the UAE flag’s colors. The celebration turned into a nightmare for Puma as Arabs expressed deep anger towards the brand over use of the national colors in shoes, which are considered dirty in their culture. Thus, striking a balance and incorporating the local cultural and religious sentiments is of utmost importance. The coexistence of a consumerist behavior and a conservative culture in UAE provides plenty of challenges as well as opportunities for…show more content…
UAE countries have seen a drastic shift since the last few years in terms of the traditional communication and media channels. The television industry which was restricted by the government to a few channels has now been opened up to a host channels. According to 2014 data by arabadvisor UAE has access to 44 radio broadcasting channels. But the advancement of communication technology and penetration of internet has changed the way people behave, feel, live and

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