Castle Of Otrato Analysis

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This essay will examine how gothic fiction is very deeply embedded in the culture and time period in which it was produced. This will be studied through looking at Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein and Horace Walpole’s novel The Castle of Otranto. With gothic fiction being produced during the age of enlightenment, the novels reflect a culture period of intellectualism that prised scientific enquiry and also questions morals and religion. Thus the period departed from the previous social system which was based on faith and belief. The novels also reflect the destruction revolution can have on society. The castle of Otranto represents the destruction of the post French revolution, whilst Frankenstein reflects the destruction of the industrial…show more content…
As a result of the middle class gaining higher social status, this caused great inequality between the employer and employee. Instability is also reflected in The Castle of Otranto as a result of the French revolution bringing about destruction. Shelley reflects the relationship between the employer and employee during the period demonstrating how the worker was treated poorly as one with higher status had all the power. For example the monster is fully functioning and as a fully functioning creature he argues that he is fully human so should be treated like that. The machines resemble the employer. There is constant sole destroying labour from machines with no gain except pain and destruction for humans. They are made of interchangeable parts like the monster and have no purpose except punishment and to inflict pain on others. This becomes a metaphor for society that is governed by rules. “I appeared to rather look like one doomed by slavery” (19). Here Shelley demonstrates how one becomes a physical wreck losing good health as one is no longer creative but mechanical due to factories and machines taking over society. Frankenstein sins against the monster by pushing it away and denying care for it. This reflects the failure of the employers to take care of their workers. He talks about how he wants to be equal and then his good qualities will come out when he is no longer forced to be an alienated being. Here Shelley demonstrates how everyone is born free and equal and it is society that changes one. Therefore the monster is a metaphor for the industrial revolution as factories are like humans whilst the machines resemble employers. The instability of society is also reflected in The Castle of Otranto as

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