The Importance Of Color In Design

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ntroduction One of the main factors that affect designing spaces is color. What is color? The color is a visual experience that subconsciously affects individuals functions and emotions. The human response to color is based upon one’s perception of behavioral aspects that controlled by the brain. As Jack Weber said “Design is everywhere…It touches and affects everyone. The study of color is very complex and composed of a variety of theories.Many experiments had been conducted to prove that color is indeed influential. Color affects individual differently upon their gender, age, culture and other factors. Color in design, allows designers to create a mood within a space that tells a story or leave an emotional impact on each individual. When…show more content…
We say we feel blue.” When some say “I feel blue” the first thing the comes to our minds is that they feel calm or melancholic.The famous painter Pablo Picasso had a blue period, in which he only used shades in blue and blue-green and occasionally warmer color for small details. “These somber works, inspired by Spain but painted in Paris, are now some of his most popular works, although he had difficulty selling them at the time. Picasso settled in Paris in 1904, having spent a few difficult years with no fixed studio and little artistic success. While back in 1903, he had produced his Blue Period works, which seemed to reflect his experience of relative poverty and instability, depicting beggars, street urchins, the old and frail and the blind.” Why is this related? well, It possible that room, where Picasso worked, was white. White can produce depression and sadness creative people are usually more sensitive and reflect those thoughts and feelings in their work by using color, texture or elements. This is a reflection of how the color of the workspace influences our work productivity, in the case of Picasso he was emotionally affected and he reflected that in his…show more content…
For example, fast-food companies like McDonald's, Burger King , Wendy’s and more have color in common to see yellow and red. Why? first, let start with yellow. Yellow, would make people stay less at your restaurant. Is an irritating and energetic color. Imagine if you are a room with a yellow wall , you wouldn't be able to stay quiet and calm, you will be probably jumping side to side. So, some fast food restaurants paint their walls in yellow in order to motivate people to leave as soon as they order their food so that they free more space for new customers. But a very interesting part is that wall in working area a different color because of the need to maintain the employee's concentrate in their

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