The Importance Of Public Transportation In Singapore

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Based on the political component, it shows that the Singapore government's preliminary in encouraging and pursuing public to take public transport in order to reduce the traffic jamming, injuries and respiratory troubles. In addition, due to the economy expanding in Singapore has attracted more workforces as many foreigner flock to Singapore to work. Thus, the need of public transport will increase because it is the most practical and affordable mode of transport. Moreover, increase in population of Singapore and the reliable of MRT system will increase the ridership. Therefore, it can clearly to know that MRT is the most popular public transport in Singapore. The citizens of Singapore are very rely on the MRT due to the switching cost is…show more content…
Competitor Analysis Based on the train industry in Singapore is operates in a duopoly market structure which means that there are only 2 trains industries dominate the markets. They are SMRT and SBS Transit, but SMRT and SBS Transit are managed in different lines independently. Hence, both of the company is indirectly competitor in the train industry. SBS Transit is the public transport service provider in Singapore that are committed to provide a public transport service that meets the needs of the customers. Besides, SBS Transit also search improvements by upgrading their systems and processes, and search new methods to enhance the travel experience of their customers. The vision of SBS is moving people in a safe, trustworthy and affordable way. The mission of SBS is to accomplish excellence for our customers, employees, shareholders and community. The strengths of the SBS Transit are existing distribution and sales networks and skilled workers. The existing distribution and sales network is the intermediaries from suppliers to consumers that can help SBS to face competitors if it is strong and efficient. Moreover, the skilled worker has knowledge, special skill and ability to help the SBS Transit to improve their business. The weakness of SBS Transit is brand portfolio. This is due to the SBS Transit is manage in bus and train industry. So, it is hard to SBS Transit to manage well in both…show more content…
Summary of Situation Analysis SMRT has a lot of strength and opportunity due to their strong background, but the breakdown and disruption of the trains become the major issue to the SMRT. This will cause the citizens cannot perform their daily activity and decrease trust on the train system. Commuters are abused because the MRT lines disabled and they were disappointed with SMRT’s handling of the situation due to some saying directions were not clear or timely (Channel NewsAsia, 8 July 2015). Due to the MRT breakdown, students are late for A-level exam and it was affecting 70,000 commuters (The Straits Times, 25 Nov 2015). Based on the news in 8 July 2015, SMRT had said in a press statement and stated that as the lower electrical resistance pathway at a third rail insulator, the interruption was caused by occasional tripping of the rail power system at numerous locations. SMRT also mentioned that there are some leaks on the MRT and they will make effort try to repair these entire problems as quickly as possible. SMRT also stated that they straighten all tunnels to make sure there are no other leaks with water dripping onto trackside installations (Channel NewsAsia, 22 Aug

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