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VII. Living Conditions A. Diet and Nutrition 1. Fruits and vegetable consumption rates In Hungary, They have “The House of Healthy Nutrition” it is built on cereals as the base, the walls are made of vegetables and fruits and the roof consists of meats, meat products, milk and dairy products. One has to eat the items of these food categories a number of times each day. The foods that are rich in fat and sugar have been omitted from the structure of the house of everyday nutrition, as they should reasonably be consumed once a week or even more rarely. Wholegrain cereals by definition mean food products and nutriments prepared from whole meal flour that Preserve the nutritional value of seeds and contain bran also, complemented with other grains; and this term also includes brown rice. The regular consumption of vegetables and fruits is an essential aspect of healthy nutrition in Hungary. • Eat vegetables at least three times a day and also fruits at least three times a day • Eat dark green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomato and legumes often – these are rich in arytenoids, vitamin C and foliate (folic acid). • Vegetables and fruits should always be near at hand or in the pantry or in the fridge • Eat always fresh and intact fruits and vegetables, and do not use any moldy or damaged products. Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is the…show more content…
Even eggs, (fried, scrambled or boiled and vegetables (including peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, radish, scallion and cucumber) are part of the Hungarian breakfast. Sometimes breakfast is a cup of milk, tea or coffee with pastries with jam or honey, or cereal, and perhaps fruit. Children can have rice pudding Cream for breakfast topped with cocoa powder and sugar or with fruit syrup. Hot drinks are preferred for

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