Into The Wild Journey Essay

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We live in a world that at certain time of age people start working for having money for their future, and it will hard to imagine a life where someone is careless and don’t care of nothing and leaves all behind just because he has different perspective of life. Jon Krauker in his story “Into the Wild” tells a life from a person just like this. Christopher McCandless just when he graduates from college decided to leave his family with no notification to anyone, just a simple note on his bed that he will go. He leaves his money he just received, his car; all of his belongs and decided to go into a journey in the nature. During McCandless journey Krauker uses a biased narration to develop some specific themes of the story. Although, Krauter is using McCandless to show how people can act and be different to a society, this don’t make the narration of it reliable because he does not have a person in which to base to…show more content…
He goes to this journey and leaves, his family, money, car and life opportunities. As he was in his “new life” he abandon his cars and reject his savings from all life. That he left his car is clearly materialism, for Americans cars are really important and that Alex goes against this shows how he does not care of materialism stuff, like money, luxuries and a normal life. In the following quote shows how Alex journey was “Two years he walks the earth, no phone, no pool, no pets, no cigarettes. Ultimate freedom. An extremist. An aesthetic voyager whose home is the road” (Krauter 163). It shows how he was a free person and has been not following a normal American person life. This shows how the narration is biased, because again the reader gets confused and start making stereotypes of how Americans are and what Americans

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