Three Elements Of Persuasion

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In today technologies, we are shaping more high-tect model and gadgets. This eventually has making us more attach to these technologies. They influence us in many ways including our behavior. Technologies are increasingly becoming social actors (Brangier, E., Bastien,2010). Persuasive and psychological concepts are suitable “ shape, reinforce, or change behaviors, feelings, or thoughts...” have shown their effectiveness in many areas (Fogg, B.J,1998). The role of the web and mobile applications promoting energy efficient behavior is a relatively new topic of research and yet underexplored (Froehlich, J., 2009). Realizing the importance of persuasion, Brian Tracy comes up with the three elements of persuasion. Three Elements of Persuasion…show more content…
Therefore, he created a universal method consists of three steps, which are specific, behavior and trigger. In this first step here you need to be specific of the target and expected outcomes. In this process, you need to know what behavior that you want to change. To define the important thing, try to do listing and priority mapping. Thus, by defining the goal(s) then you can translate the target and outcome into the user behavior. In the second step, think about an easy way to change the behavior in simplest approach. Considering an option to be made in adjusting the environment, actor (persona) and the behaviour itself. For the last steps, you need to accouter the user behavior as a dynamic part in the system. Triggering user at the right timing could help more in revealing the right channel. Following the BJ Fogg’s method may help to persuade and attract people better as he has created this reliable for…show more content…
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