Interior Design Case Study

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and their influence to the design. Their loyalty in the brand can also be investigated in this study where diners can switch or retain their preferences in time. Students and practitioners of an Interior Design, Hotel and Restaurant Management and related field can also benefit in this study. Majority of the research is basically focused on the customer satisfaction and preferences, but this will also become a challenge for the researcher to include owners or chief executives in the study to understand their decision making in the interior design to increase their F&B market strength. There are also major issues in F&B that will be included in this study to understand why there are several hotels, restaurant and bars are gaining strong customers…show more content…
It is basically important to identity their standard concept to come up with the following objectives of the study as shown below. 1. The objective of the study is to identify the owner/chairman or CEO’s perception about the importance of proper interior design selection and how it is contributing in their food and beverage business. 2. Another objective of the study is the acceptance of the diners about the interior design of the restaurant, bar, fast food and related establishment. It is the objective of the study to identify the decision making process of the customers and their preferences in their selection of F&B. Research Questions 1. What are the factors that are influencing the considerations of the owner of the F&B about their choices of F&B interior…show more content…
Once a group of diners eat out for the first time in a restaurant and make a conversation, it is a part of their conversation to notice the ambience, nourishment and entertainment of the restaurant. Customers will react positively or negatively at the time they enter the restaurant. Because of this growing trend, customers are consciously and subconsciously contributing to the diversity of design in hotels and restaurant (Saad,

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