Connecticut College Mission Statement And Values Analysis

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Different people have different ideas about what is just and what is unjust. Everyone has their own moral compass, whether they’re born with it, or it is developed throughout their lives. As a college, Connecticut College has its own mission and set of values stated in the Mission Statement. This Mission Statement serves to lay out the foundation of the school and acts as a guideline for the students; it shows how one should act while at the college, what type of experience they will have, what the college values, and how the college will support them. These statements made in the Mission Statement and Values act as rules to live by, in a sense. Looking outside of Connecticut College, sets of values can be defined in terms other than black and white (such as in a Mission Statement). In Plato’s Apology, Plato gives account of…show more content…
While looking at the Connecticut College Mission Statement and Values, an overarching theme that is consistently expressed is the importance of education and intellect. A whole paragraph is dedicated to academic excellence; showing how the college makes it a priority. It states that the college has “Rigorous academic standards” for the purpose of challenging “students to reach their full intellectual potential” and expresses how students can achieve that at Connecticut College through opportunities for diverse experiences, which are seen as “essential for genuine academic excellence”. The main purpose of the opportunities given is to “advance human knowledge and expression”. In other sections of the Mission Statement and Values the same belief in the importance of education and intellect is shown, stated in the Education of the Entire Person portion that the college “prepares students to be responsible citizens, creative

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