Why College Is Not Worth It Essay

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Do we truly know the importance of college? As little kids we were asked if we’re going to college and most of us immediately said yes at the the time. However, over the years the idea of attending college is not a certainty for some. Should college be in our future? People have different beliefs whether college is or isn’t worth it but college is very much worth your time and money. Earning a degree is a huge advantage in life. The first reason why college is worth it is because those with a college degree are more likely to get a better job and a potential to earn more income compared to those without one. College graduates have more job options and opportunities which can lead to higher pay. It states in the article, “Five Ways Education Pays” in the greater wealth section, “4 year college degree earns $55,700 a year, High School diploma earns, $33,800.” High school diploma individuals earn a lot less yearly compared to college diploma individuals. Due to the big difference in educational level. Besides money wise, having a college degree brings more reassurance of being employed.…show more content…
With that they can live a less stressful life. Having a college degree increases your chance of being employed and pursuing the job you choose. In the article, “Actually, College is Very Much Worth It” paragraph 4 it says, “in 2010, the unemployment rate was 9.2 percent for those with only some college and more than 10 percent for those with just a high school degree, but it was 5.4 percent for college graduates.” This shows that the more college you have increases your job opportunities. Even with the numerous positive reasons of going to college, many have found that college isn’t worth
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