College Degree Benefits

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A college degree is a very valuable asset to have when entering the workforce. A college degree is worth incurring significant debt. Aside from having a variety of careers to choose from, there is a sense of pride I will feel within myself. I will be proud to achieve such an accomplishment. Although college is expensive, upon completion I will have a variety of jobs to choose from, work at a job I love, and I will be able to show my children the importance of getting your college degree. As a child we often think of the job we may have when we become adults, yet what we do not think of is the hard work and dedication that goes into getting the job. It has been proven that those who that attend some college will earn 19% more than those who never attend. For those who complete the percentage anywhere between 20%-36%. We know lawyers and doctors must go to school for many years. We forget about the schooling of the lumber, beautician, and electrician. Yes many of these jobs are hands on and can be learned without attending college, but without the certification you are considered uncertified.…show more content…
We can never have our mind set on one job. Go to college get a good degree instead of being just a high school graduate thinking you have everything all plan out then end up settling for a secondary job, flipping burgers or working a 12 hour shift at Walmart. It has been proven that college grads are happier in their jobs when sticking with their first choice. Maybe because they are more likely to get health care coverage and other benefits through their work. I can relate to this because I hear my mom complain almost every day about how she never feel like going to work but she knows she have to. To the future high school students who are deciding to attend college always stick with your first

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