Comparing The Absolute Diary Of A Part Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

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In class we read a story The Absolute Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. The book is about Arnold going to a new school called Rearden and the troubles he went through, trying to stay with the tribe when he is back-stabbing them by going to a “white school”. We also watched a movie called Finding Forrester directed by Gus Van Sant. It is about Jamal who takes a test, gets an out-standing score and starts going to a private school. Soon after he meets William Forrester, who starts helping him with his writings. Jamal and Arnold are more similar than we can perceive. Jamal and Arnold had motivation to change. Arnold wanted to have a better life, and Mr.P helped him realize this. “The only thing you Indians are thought is how to give up.” (PG.42) Mr.P was Arnold’s teacher and he thought the reservation wasn’t good enough for Arnold because Arnold’s genius could be more embraced at a new school. For Jamal, well he wanted to go to college and the only hope was basketball. At the Mailor-Callow Private school, they had people who went on to play in the NBA. That was Jamal’s dream. He always wanted to play there, because growing up, that is all he had. They both wanted to change for the better.…show more content…
He wanted people to notice him, unlike his parents. ““I’ll take him on again” I said.” (PG.140) This shows he is not ready to give up on his dream. This is the scene when him and Roger are going 1 on 1 basketball full court. Coach asked him if he is ready to quit, but arnold wanted to try harder, which made the coach notice him. Jamal wanted to change too. He saw his brother, who never went to college because he never had the chance to go. He wanted to go on to live somewhere else so he won’t be stuck there forever. The to change is a very important to the both of

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