The Importance Of Cell Phones

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In the most recent 20 years, phones have turned into inexorable device which is used each day and almost daily. In other words, cell phones are indispensable device nowadays. It is multi-tasking device. At least than minutes, you can be able to take pictures at any given time, get to the web, look for information, messaging and even contacting several organizations and even shopping. For example, you can pick up your favorite dress via many websites such as Amazon. Phones today can be utilized as a way to escape from all people around. And also escape from reality life especially social life. Therefore, people specifically have started to use cell phones for multi-faceted purposes that characterize their individuality and their social personality. In other words, cell phones are empowering individuals to make their own particular societies; they are changing social standards and values. And it takes people from their social life including family, friends and some social activities. Well, would you separate yourself from people by…show more content…
Instead of enjoying the surroundings area, they are on their cell phones. Because of this antisocial habits, people with cell phone- addicted friends may become tired of their habits. So, people probably are losing their friends because of the mobile phones. According to Ali (2014), in "Mobiles," nowadays people are so addicted to their mobile phones. Communication in the past was simple and has meaning before the cell phones. Gathering is becoming rare to see. Due to cell phones, people are finishing their conversation and no need to gather. In fact, cell phones keep people busy and it discourage social life and skills. From here it becomes clearly that cell phones leave a very dark spot in our relationship with people. Moreover, mobile phone has enabled people from keeping in touch with friends and family as whole. A mobile phone cannot replace face to face
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