The Importance Of Physical Education

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It is my belief, that physical education involves more than teaching student’s movement skills. There is more to physical education than just playing sports. In the mid-1960s, Franklin Henry called for the “organization and study of the academic discipline herein called physical education” (Wuest & Fisette, 2012). The 12 sub-disciplines of physical education, exercise science, and sport should be incorporated in every physical educator program. The content for each discipline helps teachers prepare students bodies, and their minds with the overall goal of living healthy lifelong lifestyles. In table 1-1 in chapter 1 of the text, a table was presented to show how each professional can use knowledge from each of the 12 sub-disciplines to enhance the effectiveness of a program (Wuest & Fisette, 2012, p.18). I use the exercise physiology discipline when designing my fitness units and coaching my students and athletes. For instance, the frequency, intensity, time, and type training principle (F.I.T.T) formula helps with goal setting in the physical education setting. F.I.T.T allows my students to set attainable goals, and see fitness progress. In addition, the sports…show more content…
The text states that sports sociologists examine the influence that gender, race, and socioeconomic status has on participation in sports (Wuest & Fisette, 2012, p.16). As a physical educator, I have to be aware of the same issues when planning lessons as well. I had an incident where females would not participate if the males were around. My colleague and I fix the situation by separating the females, and males to learn the skill. During gameplay, we allowed girls to play only girls on the second day of practice games we had female students come up to us tell they wanted to play against the male students. Understanding those factors lead to the females being more confident in participating with and against the male

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