Nursing 3312 Health Assessment

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Nursing 3312: Health Assessment Nursing 3312 was an introduction on the process of assessing the body in terms of illness and wellness. The instructors in this course were knowledgeable and experts in their field which enabled them to teach the basic skills needed to assess different systems of the bodies during time of health or infirmity. This course gave me the tools to increase my assessment and interviewing skills in order to have more confidence when assessing patients in the healthcare environment. Nursing 2310: Foundations of Nursing Foundations of Nursing introduced me to the history of nursing and provided an overview of the profession in the healthcare setting. This course introduced me to nurse predecessors who developed this profession through hard work and dedication. I learned about different nursing theories and ways to apply the theories to my future nursing practice. This course introduced the art of accurate and precise dosage calculations in order to reduce the occurrence of medication errors. Nursing 3611 and 3612: Nursing of Adults I and II This two-part course was very strenuous, but it gave me the tools to and to understand the different illnesses, symptoms, treatments, and nursing interventions appropriate for caring for adults in…show more content…
Critical Care nursing gave me the knowledge to think critically, and quickly, in order to provide care to those with severe illness or infirmity. Critical Care Nursing was my favorite course because I found the course content to be challenging and complex. I found the knowledge to be exciting and totally different from what I was expecting. This course increased my confidence in other areas of study, because if I can take care of a critically ill patient – then I could take care of anyone. The combination of clinical experience and course content prepared me fully on my path to becoming a Medical Intensive Care Unit

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