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1.5.1 Suspension Bridges A suspension bridge is a type of bridge in which the deck which is load bearing part, hangs below suspension cables using vertical suspenders. The vertical suspenders carry the weight of the deck. 1.5.2 Cable Stayed Bridges Generally, a cable stayed bridge is a deck with one or more than one pylon erected above the piers in the middle of the span. The cables are attached diagonally to the girder to provide additional support to the structure. A typical cable stayed bridge is shown in following figure. Chapter 2: Cable stayed bridge 2.1 Introduction Cable bridges can be traced back many centuries; the system was used by Egyptians for their sailboats. China's first inhabitants have used the cable system to build…show more content…
The deck can be made of different materials like; steel, concrete or composite steel-concrete. The choice of material for the bridge deck states the overall cost of the construction of cable stayed bridges. The weight of the deck has significant impact on the required stay cables, pylons, and foundations. 2.3.2 Cable The cables are one of the main parts of a cable bridge. They transfer the dead weight of the deck to the pylons. These cables are generally post-tensioned based on weight of the deck of bridge. Post-tensioned cables are chosen so that they are minimized both the vertical deflection of the deck and lateral deflection of the pylons. 2.3.3 Pylon Pylons of cable stayed bridges are aimed to support the weight and live load acting on the bridge structure. There are several different shapes of pylons for cable stayed bridges such as H shape pylon, Trapezoidal pylon, Twin pylon, A-frame pylon, and Single pylon. They are chosen based on the structure of the cable stayed bridge aesthetics, length, and other environmental parameters. 2.4 Types of cable stayed bridge 1. Harp arrangement 2. Fan arrangement 3. Semi-fan arrangement 2.4.1`Harp

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