Auschwitz: Biggest Camp In The Holocaust

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Auschwitz: Biggest Camp in the Holocaust Auschwitz was opened in 1940 and was the largest and most notorious of the Nazi concentration and death camps. Auschwitz is located in southern Poland. At first, it started off as a detention center, or a prison for political prisoners. As the years went on though, it grew as a network of camps where Jewish people and other enemies of the Nazis were persecuted. Auschwitz had three subdivisions. Auschwitz I, Auschwitz II (Auschwitz-Birkenau) and, Auschwitz III (Auschwitz- Monowitz) Auschwitz I At the start of the operation, The original camp Auschwitz I, imprisoned 15,000 to 20,000 political prisoners. This camp had three purposes, house enemies of the Nazi regime, have available a supply of forced laborers for…show more content…
Here’s an example of a testimony from a holocaust survivor who was in Auschwitz I and what he said about this camp. Alfred Caro is a Jewish man who lived in Berlin in 1911. The whole family is middle class, and surprisingly enough Caro’s father was a member of the German army in WWI, way before the Nazi’s came into power. His father considered himself as a decorated soldier, therefore, they were very patriotic. Alfred’s whole family went so far as to sing the German national anthem and other German songs. After the first war, his father opened a little butcher shop and did very exemplary and honest work, trying to support Alfred and 5 other siblings. When WW2 approached, Alfred begins to describe a drastic change on how the Jews were being treated. Jews were not even allowed to sit on the park benches anymore. Furthermore, he explains that the Nazi’s was going around and accusing law abiding Jews with tons of false allegations, so they could arrest them and eventually put them in the camps. As a matter of fact, Nazi’s additionally came looking for him because he was being falsely

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