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A large part of my identity is tied to my self discipline. In the early days of high school, I found it all too easy to get sucked into the “now”. I’ve since discovered, from personal experience, that not giving a care about the future gives way to acting on emotional whims, which often leads to poor decisions or even self-destructive habits over the long term. For instance, I used to indulge myself irresponsibly with unhealthy snacks during the time in between meals. However, this changed when I got my braces. The smile correctors also came with the newfound responsibility of taking enough care to avoid foods that would damage the braces. This duty was amplified by the fact that the braces were granted due to a program that was made to help…show more content…
Though the allure of indulging in the present while not worrying about the future is an ever present feeling, I’ve managed to largely overcome this guise and improve my study habits, which in turn has also improved my life. In fact, I increased my self discipline by employing a handful of strategies. The first being increased organization. I started utilizing the planner that my school provided by writing down my homework and when assignments were required to be turned in. This gave me a single location to turn to when unsure about when my homework and other assignments were due. I also found it immensely satisfying to check the box next to each assignment after it had been completed. Organizing in this way was vital for keeping track of what was required of me. Along a similar vein, I also began writing down my aspirations. Having something tangible helped remind me of my goals. When ambitions were solely in my mind, they would often get lost in the revolving landscape that are my thoughts. The final strategy I took advantage of was reminding myself of the importance of completing whatever task was at hand. To me, this was imperative for keeping a leveled perspective and withstanding the temptation of short-term gratification. I’m now infinitely happier since when I’m doing something that I enjoy, I no longer experience the guilt of procrastination. I can actually enjoy myself guilt free. Of course, I’m still

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