The Importance Of Brand Awareness

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(Rossiter and Percy 1987) describe that brand awareness act as being essential for the communications process to occur as it come before all other steps in the process. Brand awareness can be defined as an elementary level of brand knowledge involving, recognition of brand name. Customers are familiar about the availability of the product. It is the degree to which consumers precisely associate the brand with the specific product. Without brand awareness occurring, no other communication effects can occur (Rossiter and Percy 1987) . According to (McMahon 1980), one of the major goals of advertising in situations of low interest or involvement is to generate and maintain brand awareness. Advertisers always use repetition to impress the consumer…show more content…
Practitioners and consumer researchers alike have been interested in measurement of memorability, since brand recall may play an important role in determining whether a product is consider for purchased at all. (Howard & Sheth, 1969; Campbell, 1969; Narayana & Markin, 1975) conclude that a set of brands or products are regain by consumers and considered for purchase. Various standard measures of brands, such as aided and unaided brand name recall and top-of-mind awareness lay on the assumption that the ability of consumers to remember a brand or product will strongly affect the probability of its being considered for…show more content…
The component of this small set of brands which are considered during decision making is important. In a situation when consumers are aware of the products brand which fit the relevant criteria, they are unlikely to apply much effort in seeking out information on unfamiliar products. A product that has some level of brand awareness is more likely to be considered, therefore chosen, than the product which consumers are unaware of. Additionally, brand awareness within the consideration set can also be strengthening up. (Wilson 1981 cited in Woodside & Wilson 1985) showed the importance of top-of-mind awareness in a study which found that the higher the purchase intention and the higher the relative purchase of the brand are when the position of brand in the consumer’s mind is higher. This study is measured by unaided recall

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