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Strengths 1. Employees (educators) have prior experience in fitness or yoga and receive additional in-house training after hire date. 2. Every lululemon store employees a dedicated community coordinator who goes out in the public promoting the brand to local events. 3. Retail trademarked fabrics adding brand recognition and brand differentiation incorporating convenience features on the product. 4. Target yoga studios, health clubs, and fitness centers to gain entrance into the $5.7 billion yoga market. 5. The goal of selling special colors and seasonal items on a limited time basis resulting in a buy now mindset for customers. Weaknesses 1. No large clients providing mainstream advertising such as professional teams, PGA tour athletes, and…show more content…
They could expand their product line into more fitness and sports fields. This will allow them to target more of the markets and build a bigger consumer base. Although yoga is a widely interactive fitness activity, it is not big enough to put them ahead of the bigger athletic retail stores. 2. Not only could they expand their product line but they could also try to get into more geographical segments. If they would put more retail stores in places that are bringing in the most revenues, it could drastically increase sales across the board. 3. “Fitness Craze” lululemon has a wide range of fitness advocates. Most of their customers want to have the best fitness apparel so that they can look good and feel comfortable while they workout. These customers know that when they buy from lululemon, they are getting high quality clothing. The cost of the product is of very little importance to consumers because of the value the products create for people. Threats 1. Big companies such as Nike, Adidas and Reebok have been around for some time now and they have created a brand loyalty to their products. These bigger retail stores pose a huge threat to lululemon because they possess more of the markets already and they offer more products all the way

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