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Brand Management Midterm 2 1. Write the summary of your choice of book in your own words (minimum 350 words) My book is Buyology by Martin Lindstrom. All of the people throughout the work are exposed to messages by the marketers and advertisers everyday in plenty of ways. In this book, Mr. Lindstorm wrote about his research, which was the largest neuromarketing study ever conducted, in which he was trying to see what makes us, consumers, to choose the brands we buy. Every advertiser or marketer knows the techniques to pass the message to the audience but he wondered what makes any specific brand to become more successful over others. So briefly, he summarizes neuromarketing as “... that neuromarketing, an intriguing marriage of marketing and science, was the window into the human mind that we’ve long been waiting for, that neuromarketing is the key to unlocking what I call our Buyology-the subconscious thoughts, feelings, and desires that drive the purchasing decisions we make each and every day of our lives.” He thought that a neuromarketing study is necessary to learn the the real reason behind our purchases since the traditional ways can deceive the researchers. To talk…show more content…
According to me this book is very interesting and I’m glad to read it. His research was spotless, very well designed, the question he asked was very intriguing and besides the evidence he found out he supported each and every of his findings with an example. I agree with him in many ways, and even for the ones I thought I would be disagree when I saw the headlines, he convinced me with his study results and examples. For instance, at the first glance I would think I would disagree with him on the smoking ads which have warning labels on them. I would say this affects people negatively and they shouldn’t want to smoke when they see that pictures. However, I was wrong. His brain scan experiment and examples proved it to

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