Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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We Shouldn’t do Animal Testing Every day animals are being tested and harmed in so many different ways. Some of those ways include, abusive owners, animals with no homes (stray animals), and animal testing. I believe that all of these are bad, but I especially believe that animal testing is the worst. Now, some people think that animal testing is good because it helps ensure the safety of drugs, a lot of veterinary research relies on the use of animal research, and the venom of snakes being tested, helps cure cancers. I personally believe this is horrible because a lot of times this is misleading research, it is a very expensive research study, and 95% of animals being tested in experiments are not protected. If this continues, we are all in for a inhumane treat. Now, some of you may think who cares if 95% of animals that are tested are not protected, we are still saving humans. Have you ever heard that humans are more important than animals? Well, I have and that is why there is animal testing. Humans are animals to, but yet you don’t see us in a lab being forced to be studied. (Even though…show more content…
Did you know that not all animals are just like us humans. Which if we animal test that could lead to misleading research. Which that could really harm someone. Therefore, you aren’t only hurting animals you are hurting us humans by trusting all that animal research. According to an article it states, “Clinical trial volunteers are thus provided with raised hopes and a false sense of security because of a misguided confidence in efficacy and safety testing using animals. An equal if indirect source of human suffering is the opportunity cost of abandoning promising drugs because of misleading animal tests.” ( This is saying that animal research is false and it is bad for people to trust it because it isn’t just hurting animals; it has gone so far that it is now hurting
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