Digital Marketing Challenges

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1) Discuss FIVE (5) challenges that a new digital marketing strategy could help C&C overcome. (10 marks) Digital marketing is marketing of products and services using digital technologies or channels such as social media, search engines, email, mobile applications, etc. Cowper and Craddock (C&C) may benefit from digital marketing in many ways. Firstly, because C&C was using outdated methods and technology it’s clients were experiencing downturns or going out of business. The use of digital marketing will help C&C maintain its old clients and also attract new clients from different sectors leading to brighter opportunities profit wise in the future. Secondly, this sort of marketing will be way cheaper and more cost efficient than the traditional…show more content…
(8 Marks) Services are a kind of economic activity that are said to be mainly intangible, cannot be stored, whose production and consumption happens at the same time, are highly perishable and do not result in any ownership. The five key characteristics of services are: Intangibility, Inseparability, Perishability, non-Ownership and Variability. There are many reasons why the advertising agency may wish to introduce a new digital strategy. Firstly, the main reason C&C would wish to introduce digital strategy is for its customers. In this digital era people want cheaper and more effective ways for their marketing. Digital marketing would attract more customers since it will be less costly and more efficient. This is the key priority for C&C since it is losing old customers and new customers are hesitant to work with such out dated company methods. Digital marketing will allow two-way communication between the company and its clients, allowing both company and clientele to understand each other. This sort of communication will be less time consuming which will allow C&C to increase customers in no time. Also, digital marketing would reach larger audiences than the traditional marketing methods which means, more geographical areas can be reached which is likely to attract more…show more content…
(8 marks) C&C may be giving thousands of money for relocation and a new digital strategy but unless any customers are aware of it, there will be no use. One of the most important task before taking such huge steps, is to create awareness of what C&C is planning. To ensure that the business gets the best visibility possible, C&C will have to consider a wide variety of online marketing tools. C&C can raise awareness of relocation and the development of the digital strategy by leveraging the Web. In this modern era, everyone has Internet access in their homes and on their mobile phones. Awareness can be promoted by developing a website. C&C could hire a search engine optimization company or learn the process on their own to ensure that the website appears high in Web search results. The website could have all information about how C&C are recreating itself with the new move and new digital strategy for the new era. However, website will need to be actively producing content and engaging with followers for there to be a benefit to C&C’s brand awareness. Having an out-of-date website will just be damaging the brand image of

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