Cause Of Deforestation

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There are two resources for people’s food, plant and animals. To provide food from plants, people have to develop agriculture. Deforestation is done in order to provide enough space for planting crops. Chemical fertilizer is used to make the plants bigger and faster to grow. Fossil fuels are used for farm machinery to plough the soil, as well as to process the food product. One of the main causes of deforestation is agriculture. Forests are cleared to be converted to plantations. The plantations can be for palm, grain, rice, corn, and other crops. With the huge increase in human population, the needs of food grow rapidly. Every day, more than seven billion people have to eat. Therefore, in order to supply the growing demand of food for the…show more content…
The rainfall can increase that will lead to the event of floods. However, it can also be fewer that lead to drought. The floods as well as the drought can affect the social and economic aspects of people. The severe floods can destroy crops, buildings, and even paralyze the economic activities. The whole ecosystems will be affected by the climate change. The disruption in the food chain of organisms can affect the existence of creatures in the world. Cold water organisms are forced to migrate to other places if the temperature in their habitat gets warmer. If they cannot find or adapt in the similar environment, they may deal with extinction. Climate change is happening now. The impacts are disastrous to human being as well as other organisms. Governments struggle with economic life, people deal with their qualities of lives. It seems too late for us to fix this terrible situation. Is there still any hope to be a better place to live for the…show more content…
The efforts include improvements to energy efficiency and vehicle fuel economy, increases in wind and solar power, hydrogen produced from renewable sources, biofuels from crops, natural gas, nuclear power, and carbon sequestration to process to capture the carbon dioxide emitted from fossil fuels and store it underground (“Global Warming Solutions, Stop Global Warming - National Geographic,” n.d.). There are many things can be done in our daily lives to reduce and prevent the climate change. 3R: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle should be applied, for example in using paper, plastic bags, and glass containers. Leave our cars at home and use public transportation instead. Eat less meat and eat more fruits and vegetables, especially local produced food. Reduce the use of electricity, and always turn off the electric equipment if it is not used. Most people may not recognize and acknowledge that climate change is mainly caused by human activities. The impacts of it are hazardous and destructive. People should pay serious attention and put extra efforts for this issue, otherwise the earth will be badly damaged and it will not be an ideal place to live. Government and people should act rapidly in order to resolve this gigantic problem to the existence of human beings and other creatures. Do not wait until the worst has come, start the things from ourselves. Start from small things, small changes can make big

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