My Accomplish In My Life

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Have you accomplished something in your life? Yes, well in fact everyone has accomplished something in their lives. I have accomplished a ton of things to become what I am today. One accomplishment I have made in my life is graduating middle school. My journey from sixth to eighth grade was pretty interesting. I came to ICS in 7th grade. Before ICS I was in India for a year. I completed sixth grade in India, and came back to Bangkok. My sixth grade year went by so fast, like I didn’t even know when a whole year had ended. Sixth grade in India was a little hard because I didn’t know how to read and write in my own first language (Hindi). Slowly like a turtle I learnt how to read and write in Hindi. My friends were all really nice, kind, and…show more content…
My Dad had been looking here for schools. He told me about ICS and how the curriculum worked. I told my Dad excitedly that I am ready to go to ICS. I started seventh grade at ICS, and I still remember my tremendous first day at ICS. My first day was really fun, and I had made a lot of friends. Ms.Melodie was a really fun, loving, and awesome homeroom teacher. I had an amazing time having her as my homeroom, social studies, and language arts teacher. That year was her last year at ICS, and it was so sad that she had to leave. Overall, in seventh grade I had a few ups and downs because I didn’t really know how the system…show more content…
I was really excited to begin eighth grade, as I got to be in the same class as my best friend, Caitlin. That was her last year at ICS, and I was really sad that she had to move back to the States. I was also sad because my other best friend ,Jessica was not in the same homeroom as me. Choir class was really fun because Jessica, Caitlin, and I got to be in the same choir class. Oh! That was like the best part. It is too long to be explained. We hung out a lot in eighth grade, and made the most memorable, unforgettable year. We took a number of selfies to remind us of those wonderful days. I worked hard in eighth grade because I now know how the grading works, and how the tests were. Eighth grade went by really quick too, and the last day of middle school was there. Well, one day before we are called freshies was eighth grade graduation. Eighth grade graduation was really exciting, but sad at the same time. It was sad because in high school we won’t be in the same class as your homeroom. You only meet once a week. My eighth grade homeroom teacher, and classmates were all really nice, caring, and fun, especially when you have HJ, and Clarke in your homeroom. They both made boring classes fun, by making us laugh. I miss those days when we together as a homeroom raised money for the voice for the voiceless, even though we weren’t the homeroom to raise the highest amount of money we all still were so happy to raise money for

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