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Aristotle, a student of Plato contributed to a variety of fields throughout his time but is most known for his philosophical way of thinking and his view of the path one’s life should take. “Happiness depends on ourselves” (Aristotle). The great Aristotle sticks to his belief that happiness is the main purpose or goal in life. He believes the pursuit of happiness included both physical well being as well as mental well being. Aristotle can make one wonder if it is true that happiness is the greatest good, or if it is necessary for one to give something up to become happier. Never the less the great philosopher Aristotle’s view of the relationship of pleasure and happiness is very unique and complex. Aristotle believes “happiness is activity of the soul and Living well and doing well in the affairs of the world” (Aristotle: On pleasure). In my interpretation of Aristotle’s view on pleasure in relation to happiness is that he is spot on. I definitely agree that doing well in the world corresponds with happiness, whether it is giving someone a compliment or graduating college both instances will bring a smile to your face and in turn make you…show more content…
Happiness in my opinion is the greatest good because one could have all of the riches friends and family and still be unhappy with their life or themselves. To be happy means you are at peace with your mind and body, this is where I fully agree with Aristotle. Happiness is almost a state of mind as opposed to a action or a consequence, yes actions can result in the consequence of happiness but it can be short lived and in the moment happiness. If one is supremely happy this is a state of mind for them and they will not have to work to achieve this feeling. This feeling clarifies best for me the meaning of soul and its relationship to virtue and the individuals’ quest for

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